Create meaningful, relevant solutions

Together we provide enhanced and seamless M2M services across the widest footprint throughout Europe and key markets in North America, South America, Africa and Asia. GMA operators provide global coverage by cooperating with the best roaming partners.

Our Mission

We provide integrated solutions that enable our customers to build and deploy reliable and efficient infrastructures to monitor and manage remote assets whenever and wherever needed.

Our Vision

We enable organizations to work smarter.

Most of our current customers are Value Added Resellers whom we provide with the devices, the platform and the application to be delivered to the end customer.

Who We Serve

We provide M2M solutions with the main goal to make M2M technologies accessible and affordable even for the small businesses. Our turnkey hosted solutions enable you to work more effectively and efficiently in a stable and predictable environment with focus on your core activities.

Our Solutions

GIT offers a broad portfolio of solutions, services and platforms that enable M2M and IoTapplications and allow enterprises and people to trust in our connected world. We offer the technology bricks customers need to simplify and speed development and ensure the security, reliability and long life of M2M and IoT solutions.